2020 Guide | Best 3 in 1 Travel System Baby Strollers to Buy

2020 Guide | Best 3 in 1 Travel System Baby Strollers to Buy

March 18, 2020 by Haneen Ryash

If you are looking for a separate stroller, infant car seat, and a car-seat base all in one, 3 in 1 baby strollers have been developed to meet all your needs in one amazing product.
Therefore we created this 2020 Guide of Best 3 in 1 baby strollers.

When it comes to traveling with a baby, so many choices around you to set out a compatible baby-needs-travel package that saves money, time, and space but still couldn’t make a decision which to buy! According to a survey conducted by Mamas & Papas in 2013, 68% of parents prefer to have a multi-functional stroller than having one of each activity.

3 in 1 Baby Stroller

Rather than picking up separate gadgets from here and there to finally create a baby-travel-package, 3 in 1 Travel System Baby Stroller perfectly works as all in one stroller package. Separate stroller for daily activities, infant car seat when it’s time to travel and a car seat as well, it can be easily folded and portable with a high-quality safety system.

Buying a stroller handles multiple situations might be perplexed by the available options in the market, in this article we set out 8 of the best 3 in 1 travel system baby strollers you can trust and buy:

Let’s now get started to discover the best 3 in 1 baby strollers that turn your travel to such a memorable experience:

Graco’s mission is all about supporting parents and babies with noteworthy modern and practical products to grow with your baby from birth to toddlerhood.

Graco Travel System, 3 in 1 Baby Stroller

– Infant Stroller: traveling became most convenient with the inserted infant car seat “SnugRide SnugLock 35”. Otherwise you can join the car seat with the stroller frame for the car seat carrier.

– Infant Bassinet: convert your reclinable baby seat into a cozy bassinet and let your baby take his nap comfortably.

– Toddler Stroller: after birth, when your baby reaches toddlerhood; this 3 in 1 stroller will be at his convenience. Modify the stroller to be a safe and reversible seat for your toddler with a canopy shading and protecting him from the sunray and rainy days.

Graco 3 in 1 Stroller Ease your Travel

For Moms, keep your convenience at the top of the stroller’s buying goals. The one-hand standing alone fold feature gives you a break from pushing or holding in the times when there is no immediate need to be used.


Since 1958, Chicco has been welcoming parenthood with well-developed baby gadgets that accompany him from birth till 10 years old.

Designed with a lightweight frame, car seat for infants (from 4 to 30 lbs.) can be easily and securely installed and storage basket large enough to carry travel necessities for babies and parents. Furthermore, free-standing fold and cup holders beside storage tray are available within the baby’s space to easily access his needs.
Parents also could share babies with their homes; the push-handle is well-padded to ensure their hands-rest. Cup holders and suitable basket are also provided precisely for parents.

Chicco Bravo Travel System is an Amazon’s choice as one of the best strollers that serve your infant, baby and the older toddler from birth until toddlerhood.

Its workable design featured with one-hand double folding carry-handle to easily reach and for fast convenient usage as well. Manufactured with auto-positioning wheels revolve internally to get a self-standing compact folded stroller, which saves the storage space and keep it clean and tidy.
When parked, keep it in the place with a one-touch breaks feature. When closed, the folding handle that exists under the seat cushion is swiftly doubled as a carry handle.

Chicco KeyFit 30 Infant Car Seat

A seat to admire, consumers can easily separate the stroller seat and the backrest in one piece so you’ll end up with the light-weighted stroller for the car seat. Then you can easily reattach them and switch between the stroller seat and the car seat.

Designed with advanced solutions make it securely and simply installed anywhere at any time.

Should you need further guidelines on how to take off and install the car seat, you can watch a detailed video through the below link:

Chicco Bravo Trio Travel System

Safety 1st, the most trusted brand as its name suggests; baby safety is the primary mission, and yet the mission accomplished with multi-functional baby product collections. Being a National Sponsor of Safe Kids Day 2016 supports parents’ pride in such a reliable brand.

Safety 1st Smooth Ride 3 in 1 Stroller

Since newborns should get extra support, Safety 1st developed a “35 LT infant car seat” to fit the baby’s head and body multi-positions while traveling. Keep your baby safe with a super protection system that works against sudden side impacts.

As for long walks, flip flop friendly braking allows you to deactivate the break without using your top-foot. Moms can wear any shoes they want!

Covering your baby from the surrounding weather condition doesn’t mean he will be kept in a tight cubby; the Peek-a-boo window has a mesh to enable parents to keep their eyes on their child. Furthermore, a ventilating feature was also added to ensure better airflow while the baby is breathing.

Appreciate Baby Trend of its new multifunctional travel system stroller; now you can own a travel system, jogger stroller, and top-quality car seat, all in one!

Travel System

Made to be a light-weight stroller with compact and easy-folding features to suit all storage manners while traveling. The reclining seat with safety harness support fits the baby’s multi-position and needs. (Recommended for weights up to 50 pounds).

EZ-Flex Lock 30 Infant Car Seat

Due to its high-quality manufactured, Baby Trend car seat has recently ranked at the top of bestseller safe baby’s gadgets.
Supporting with a lock-in car base, it is easily attached and removed from the car seat base to make the travel system. Moreover, the padded carrying handle is smooth enough to ease the child and seat transportation. (Recommended for infants weighing 4-30 pound). An extra-protection feature with EPS energy-absorbing foam has been added to secure the baby’s head from sudden side effects.

Baby Trend 3 in 1 Stroller for Jogging

According to a study conducted by (BMC Public Health/ 2015), the percentage for parents who benefit from the stroller for walk and exercise is (%69). Accordingly, it shall be a reasonable rate to lead Baby Trend to manufacture such a jogging stroller.

Supported with bicycle tires moves slowly and heavily over all surfaces and narrow ways. Besides, backed with 3 swivel wheels to enhance the stroller performance and consumers’ convenience while jogging.

What do you expect from a brand that won the German Cologne Design Award in 2012? Hot Mom has developed a new featured 3-in-1 stroller that allows you to take your baby wherever you go, anytime you want.

Designed with a well-suited seat for your child from birth (0 months) until being a toddler (48 months). This reclining seat is covered with a large canopy to protect him against weather conditions, rest assured; the canopy includes a viewing window so you can keep your eyes constantly on your baby without worries. Hot Mom fashionable stroller guarantees your baby-safety with its separated seat and carrycot.

Don’t Miss a Chance to Keep the Eye Contact!

Engineered with two face direction mode allows your baby facing either parent to keep their eye-contact or the outside environment. Keep in Mind; Babies less than 9 months prefer to see mothers’ eyes and hear her voice which makes him feel safe and comfortable.
Enjoy shopping with your baby; hang his favorite toys on the hood’s loop and let him also shop joyfully.

Keep in Mind: In case you want to stand and the baby still setting in the stroller, avoid lifting the armrest directly; it’s only used for baby-rest.

For parents who love “Made in Italy”, Peg Perego succeeds to achieve the desired requirements in baby care gadgets. Furthermore, the campaign “Mamma in Italy” certifies the company’s efforts that came up with a most-trusted integrated production around the world.

Specifically designed for twins or for siblings who are age-close or have nearly the same body size.  Featured with two-matching car seats without using the adapters, reversible seats can be face parents or the other side on the road, two front wheels easy to swivel and a single handle to manage the maneuver in the narrow places with just one hand.

Accessories are Necessary when Traveling

A diaper handbag, adjustable bonnet, amenable seat footrests, adjustable backseats, ventilation system, and an extras storage basket all are available to create such a compatible travel system.

3 in 1 Stroller Cares for your Baby

Parents are not always in travel mode, life isn’t also for traveling and babies could travel once or twice in the typical lifestyle. Therefore, all the above mentioned 3 in 1 travel system strollers and others we didn’t mention can be useful for everyday convenience in addition to extra features that ease travel with babies, having such a strollers system serves you as a parent and your baby convenience and safety as well.  Have a plan to travel but you are not sure enough? Owning a travel system stroller ensures your convenience and turns your travel to such a memorable experience. 

Over to you.
Which of these 3 in 1 baby strollers in 2020 do you think is best suited for your needs?
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