25 Baby Stroller Reviews by the Best Child Experts

25 Baby Stroller Reviews by the Best Child Experts

April 12, 2020 by Haneen Ryash

For parents, 2020’s expected parents and those who are interested in baby strollers, whereas the market is full of purchasing options; we gathered valuable stroller reviews from the must-follow child experts to guide you while deciding to buy a stroller.

1. Jennifer Saxton

Jennifer Saxton

Certified Child Passenger Safety Technician before being the Founder and CEO of Tot Squad. Jennifer won several awards during her work-life, the Women in Business Awards, May 2018 was the latest. However, she believes that her daughter, Charlotte, made her so proud more than accomplishments do.

As an expert member of kids in the House, she published a stroller review regarding buying a second-hand stroller: “We do not recommend that you purchase a used car seat. If your sister used the car seat and you know she was never in any crashes. You know the history of the seat or maybe you want to pass it down from your first child to your second child, that’s perfectly okay as long as again the car seat is still in good condition. There are no cracks or missing pieces and has not been in any accidents.”

2. Gina Ford

Gina Ford

After being a Maternity Nurse for 12 years, she was able to share parents her regimented infants-raising method “Gina Ford method”. The “Queen of Routine”, since her childhood she’s been looking after child cousins and neighbors.

Gina offered one of her stroller reviews on her blog to a working-mother:
“When he is at home with you, possibly at weekends I suggest you sometimes take him out in his stroller at a nap time so he gets used to not always sleeping in his cot in a dark room.”

3. Jo Frost

Jo Frost

English Television Personality, Nanny and Author. Family Matters, Supernanny, and the latest Jo Frost: Nanny on Tour are the names of the expert Jo’s TV shows through which she entered our homes and mothers’ hearts. With six books in parenting, Jo was one of the worldwide revered parenting experts.

As for Jo in her book, Jo Frost’s Toddler Rules: Your 5-Step Guide to Shaping Proper Behavior, she has a different view when it comes to baby-safety and using the stroller:
“When a child becomes mobile, parents are faced with dilemma: it’s easier for you to keep him into his stroller because you can control him more easily, but he wants to get out and move- and he should!”.

4. Tanya Altmann

Tanya Altmann

A must-know Pediatrician, the Founder of the Calabasas Pediatrics & Wellness Center, best-selling Author and Child-product Industry Consultant. Along with her heavy work schedule, she pretends to be in the Oscar while she’s actually drinking tea and enjoying writing and contacting patients!

Dr. Tanya answered the questions’ section on her blog and offered significant stroller reviews, one of them :
“best is to keep infants under 6 months of age out of the sun because their skin is especially sensitive and can quickly burn.  Use a stroller with a shade or attach an SPF shade to your stroller.  After all, we want to protect babies against cancer causing rays too.”

5. Dr. Harvey Karp

Dr. Harvey Karp

Have you ever heard about the 5 S’s Soothing Technique? If not, then you must be heard with Dr. Harvey Karp; a Pediatrician and the Author of The Happiest Baby on the Block book. Along with his wife Nina, they’re running Happiest Baby, a smart-tech and parenting solutions company.

In Happiest Baby blog, he once stated:
“Strollers are certainly useful and valuable tools for long trips (and, heavy babies).”

6. Benjamin Spock

Benjamin Spock

The Hero for Women’s Causes and the Wise Parents’ Advisor, Dr. Spock. Eleven books have been published during half a century advising on child care and parenting fields.

In his book, Dr. Spock’s Baby and Child Care, he provided stroller reviews regarding umbrella strollers as the following:

“A folding umbrella stroller can be easily carried on a bus or in a car, but be sure it’s a sturdy one. Products that combine a car seat and stroller make it easy to go from car to stroller without having to wake up a sleeping infant. When you use your stroller, be sure to strap your child in for safety.”

7. Dr. Wendy Sue Swanson

Dr. Wendy Sue Swanson

If you have heard about a mother who missed her children within less than 6 hours when going on a trip, she’ Dr. Wendy! A Pediatrician and Chief of Digital Innovation for Seattle Children’s Hospital.

Wendy told Today:
“For a hundred years, parents have been draping blankets carefully and safely over their baby strollers to protect them from the sun, and we still want them to do that. But we can be thoughtful about it and this is a good reminder.”

8. Dr. Alan Fields and Denise Fields

Dr. Alan Fields and Denise Fields

Alan specialized in Pediatrics, while Denise in Clinical Social Work. Since 1989, Alan and Denise started writing in wedding-planning as they were planning their own wedding

In 2019, The Fields published Baby Bargains guide book for parents and they noted:
“Because we all live in different environs and want to go varied places, the key to stroller happiness is to understand how different stroller options fit your lifestyle. Hence, the perfect stroller for hiking in Colorado isn’t the right one for a simple spin around a mall in Atlanta.”

9. Kathleen Huggins

Kathleen Huggins

A Retired Nurse, Author and the Owner of Simply MaMa free Breast-pumps Boutique. Kathleen is a breast-cancer fighter after experiencing 35 years as a lactation consultant.

Kathleen provided in her book, The Expectant Parents’ Companion, great stroller reviews explain its usage and benefits:
“A stroller or carriage may be a must-have for you, especially if you live in the heart of the city or have a bad back. Even if you live beyond the sidewalks and don’t mind carrying a baby, a stroller can be used as a portable seat indoors as well as outdoors. A carriage, or a stroller that converts into a carriage, can also be used as a portable bed.”

10. Sarah Tilton

Sarah Tilton

Child Passenger Safety Instructor and Technician. Sarah is strongly involved in public outreach programs, and child passenger technician training.

Said in Pittsburgh Parents a worth stroller’s review regarding travel system ones: “Invest in a travel system. When choosing an infant car seat and stroller, consider brands that offer compatible travel systems for easy transfer from car to stroller on the go. Fully compatible models may use the same attachment system for both the stroller and car seat base, which means parents can learn only one safety system and ensure baby is secure wherever she is.”

11. Adrian Kulp

Adrian Kulp

Full-time Stay at Home Father for three kids was Adrian’s biggest unexpected challenge, so he becomes a Best-selling Author and a Popular Blogger at Dad or Alive. Adrian hugs his kids during the quarantine differently; he throws them with water-filled balloons until they exploded on their bodies!

Adrian said in one of his videos on Kids in the House:
“What are some things to keep in mind about stroller safety? Obviously the first thing for me was to read the instruction manual. Figure out where the brake is and use it if the stroller’s unattended. Another thing I found really helpful was jogging; I tend to jog a lot with a stroller. I have a leash that attaches to me and the stroller in the event that something happens, I lost control of it or fall, it doesn’t go too far away from me”.

12. Farrah Zweig

Farrah Zweig

Fitness Specialist and Certified Personal Trainer, she has insistently lost 50 pounds in one active summer!
Farrah has continuously looked for ways to help her community get fit… and to stay fit.

Farrah in Kids in the house gave great stroller reviews regarding the 3-wheel strollers:
“I know when I went from my 4-wheel to my 3-wheel stroller was amazing. I couldn’t believe I had walked 6 months with my 4-wheeled stroller. So going to my 3-wheel was amazing. And I was able to walk and jog with ease. And my child was a lot more comfortable and was happier to sit for a longer period of time.”

13. Lauren Olson

 Lauren Olson

Lauren called herself “a desperate-new-mom” just because she enrolled in a certification program during the maternity leave! Now she turns a well-known Certified Sleep Expert.

Lauren wrote in her blog, Sleep and the City offered parents useful stroller reviews for Baby Jogger Brand:
“Baby Jogger has been around for a long time. In fact, their first jogging stroller was created in 1984! Since then, they’ve made lots of progress in their styles and designs.”

14. Melissa Gould and Ellie Miller

Melissa Gould and Ellie Miller

Gould and Miller are the Founders of Ellie & Melissa, The Baby Planners Consulting Service. Melissa also shares her grief journey and lost essays and talks in a personal blog Widow…ISH.

Melissa and Ellie published in WebMD:
“Safety First. Newborns require a stroller that fully reclines – and go easy. Never push a reclining infant on rough terrain – or use a jogger or do any high impact activity until baby is at least six months old.”

15. Rachel Coley

Rachel Coley

A Mommy, Pediatric Occupational Therapist who started Cando Kiddo by accident! She worked with families in their homes until she became a virtual part of every family.

Rachel shared parents a valuable advice in Cando Kiddo blog:
“My advice to parents and parents-to-be who want the best type of stroller for infant development? Find a stroller that allows you to lay your baby flat until he or she can sit upright with just a little support.”

16. Brandi Jeter

Brandi Jeter

Mother, Coach and Author of Mama Knows it all. The one who learned how to say no, which gives her time for the important stuff; family, business, reading and sleeping.

Brandi offered a valuable piece of advice when choosing a travel system stroller:
“WHAT’S IN IT FOR ME? This might be a strange thing to consider when thinking about which stroller you’re going to purchase, but it makes sense. I’m the main person who puts my baby in the car, and who pushes the stroller. I needed to make sure that the travel system I chose took my needs into account.”

17. Alex Gladwin

Alex Gladwin

Mother, Baby-expert, YouTuber, Gamer-nerd and Traveler. Not only Alex who loves travelling; her husband and sons love being out-door too.

As an author of Bump to Baby & Beyond, she wrote: “Prams and pushchairs all vary in price. Most are a couple of hundred pounds. You need to pay what you 1. can afford and 2. what you feel comfortable in spending.”

18. Tanya Konerman

Tanya Konerman

Children’s Writer and Active Member of SCBWI (Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators). A mother of three ladies and three cats as well!
 Tanya has over 30 years of writing experience, including more than 15 years of experience in advertising copywriting and public relations.

In an article published in Hello Motherhood, Tanya provided precious stroller reviews related to jogging ones:
“Jogging strollers differ from regular strollers in a few ways, but most importantly, jogging strollers are designed to handle the speed and roughness your baby will experience while you jog on streets, sidewalks or other paths, keeping her secure and stable.”

19. Elana Pearl Ben-Joseph

Elana Pearl Ben-Joseph

General Pediatrician recorded as one of “Women Change World” in WCW Blog. Besides that, Elana never missed a chance to participate in her favorite couples-dances where available!

As an editor in the Nemours Children’s Health System, she wrote stroller reviews with a great value about travel system usage in baby’s car-trip:
“Some parents of newborns find that a “travel system” (which includes a stroller and an infant-only car seat that can be attached to the stroller) makes it much smoother to transition babies — especially sleeping ones — from the car to the stroller.”

20. Jamie Davis Smith

Jamie Davis Smith

Lawyer, Disability Advocate, Photographer, Mother and Baby-care Writer. Since Jamie has a daughter, Clarie, with special needs, she struggled to find toys and cartoons like her! Jamie finally found that The new American Girl Doll which represents disability entirely appropriate her daughter.

Published in Everyday Family:
“Strollers that can accommodate more than one child are perfect for getting you through most any situation with two (or in some cases, even more) kids. Going to the grocery store? No problem. Park day with the gang? Strap them in!”

21. LaDonna Dennis

LaDonna Dennis

Founder of Mom Blog Society, Mother of three children, the one you rarely see laDonna without a hat!

Advised in her blog:
“Never leave your children alone. They will need to be looked after even in strollers – so always keep them supervised. When fastening any toys with their stroller, do it securely so they don’t fall on your children.”

22. Stephanie Tadlock

Stephanie Tadlock

Natural-minded Mother of 3 kids and Author of Mama Hippie Blog as a supporter of natural parenting and green living.

In her blog, Stephanie published worthwhile stroller reviews and one of them:
“When planning your activities, consider what you will need to bring for your baby. Do you need to bring your baby carrier or a stroller? A stroller allows you to bring your baby anywhere while asleep while a carrier would make it easy for you to carry him with your hands free.”

23. Elizabeth Pantley

Elizabeth Pantley

Parenting Educator, Mother of four and the Author of No-Cry Solution series. Elizabeth benefits from the quarantine by following her daily treadmill routine, staring at the window and wasting less food!

In Pregnancy Magazine Elizabeth said: “Strollers are available with a wide range of features, some will be important to you, and others will be inconsequential. It can help to make a list of the features that are important to you and take this list with you when you shop.”

24. Carole Kramer-Arsenault

Carole Kramer-Arsenault

Founder of Boston Baby Nurse and Nanny and Author of two award-winning books. In Carole’s free time, she enjoys photographing the sunset and great moments with the Iphone’s camera. (You can follow her on Facebook for both baby care and photographing)

In her latest book Newborn 101, Carole explained: “A stroller is a necessity. You’ll want one for every occasion, from that much-needed walk to get some fresh air or an outing in the park to getting back into shape to easy transport at the mall and in airports.”

25. Haleigh Almquist

Haleigh Almquist

Certified Newborn Care Specialist and the Owner of Hush Little Baby as planned from the beginning. It came as no surprise to be a baby-expert; Haleigh in love with babies since she was a young girl holding her doll wherever she went!

Haleigh shares her experience while buying a stroller:
“I knew going into the process that there were more choices in the types of strollers than anyone should have to navigate alone. It really helps to know how you intend to use your stroller because of the numerous choices.”

Now you should have formed a good image of baby strollers. It’s a good step to start following those experts and their blogs; they will bring you considerable knowledge that you really need as parents.

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