6 Reasons Why Baby Trend Expedition is your Best Stroller in 2020

6 Reasons Why Baby Trend Expedition is your Best Stroller in 2020

June 25, 2020, by Haneen Ryash

Baby Trend has been developed baby trend expedition strollers with key features that are worthy for parents who are sporty and active in outside to invest their budget in.

Baby Trend Expedition stroller is designed to operate as a separate stroller, jogger stroller, and mainly accepts an infant’s car seat. By doing this, baby trend assures you safely accompany babies outside and pass through various smooth and rough paths. It is a privilege, isn’t it? 

In this article:

  1. For Safe and Secure Baby’s Ride.
  2. As to the Need of Changing the Stroller Mode.
  3. For the Necessity of Having Convenient Features.
  4. For the Sudden Road’s Changing Characteristics.
  5. With the Need of Going out with Twins.
  6. For the Sake of Keeping Stylish and Sporty.

Let’s now get deeper in the strollers’ key features:

1. Optimal Safety Guaranteed

As parents need an ideal baby’s portable home and for the priority of the baby’s safety above other features, baby trend expedition supports all safety and security requirements and convenience. It is not only having a safety-points harness, baby trend expedition enjoys features like the frame, covers, belts, wheels, canopy, reclining seat, and the air-filled tires.

For parents who are intending to use baby trend expedition stroller for infants, HealthyFamilies BC recommends that:

“It’s not safe to jog with a baby less than one year old, if you use a jogging stroller while walking with an infant, it must have a fully reclining seat. Always use a five point harness to secure your baby into a jogging stroller.”

And yet, baby trend expedition includes a fully reclining seat.

Accepts the included 4-35 lbs. Infant Car Seat, easily foldable, lockable front swivel wheel, all-terrain rear wheels with brakes and reflectors, and air-filled bicycle tires. 5-point safety harness, harness covers, tether strap, removable child’s tray, adjustable reclining seat, fully adjustable canopy, and deluxe parent console.
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2- Baby Trend Expedition Performs Great to Tackle any Path

For each family’s lifestyle, there are some specific requirements and needs. For parents who keep doing sport and prefer evening walks, Baby Trend Expedition is fully loaded with features designed for you. Passing a rough or a straight road using baby trend expedition ensures you safely tackle any path, how? Have a look at the below characteristics:

Lockable front swivel wheel for ease of maneuverability, adjustable 5-point safety harness, height-adjustable handle, and air-filled bicycle tires. Other must-have features such as multi-position reclining seat, 5-point safety harness, one-hand fold for compact storage, adjustable canopy, and accepts infant’s car seat.
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3- Multiple Positions of Stroller, Carriage, and Infant Car Seat Modes

Baby Trend as expected makes it all for you! This multifunctional Baby Trend Expedition Manta Snap Gear jogger stroller guarantees you a perfect multitude of seat configurations that suit all ages and situations. Furthermore, it is also manufactured with a durable steel structure frame to ensure its validity as much time as possible and meet average quality standards.

It’s an Amazon’s Choice as one of the best baby trend strollers, as a consequence of its adaptability features,

Baby Trend Manta Snap Gear Jogger Stroller, Vega
Infant Car Seat Mode
Accepts any Snap Tech Infant Car Seat by removing the bumper bar away (car seat sold separately). Enjoy Travel System mode!
Carriage Mode
A horizontal balanced seat position with an adjustable canopy allows you to switch it into a bassinet, forward-facing and parent-facing are also available.
Stroller Mode
Its dual locking foot brakes, lockable front composite swivel wheel, tether strap, 5-points safety harness, and its lightweight frame makes it your favorite jogger stroller
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Click here for watching a video that shows you how it exactly works

4- Baby Trend Expedition is Made for Twins

It is well recognized that Baby Trend’s primary focus is the customers’ satisfaction, that’s why it is designed to meet all users’ needs. Hence, twin babies and close siblings also have the chance to lay in baby trend expedition double stroller. This ideal dual-seat stroller smoothly fits two children to take them along on daily activities and make it easier for you as parents.

Parents and children can enjoy comfort and safety with baby trend expedition double stroller’s premium features as illustrated below:

Multi-position seat recline with a 5-point safety harness, lightweight and sturdy construction, Front all-terrain bicycle tires and locking front swivel wheels that allow you to keep the front wheel in place while jogging Large storage basket, quick and easy compact fold, ratcheting shade canopy, foot-activated rear brake, and quick release tires for storage and travel.
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5- Baby Trend Expedition Supports Convenient Features

Though strollers are meant to be used for babies, it must be realized that parents also need features that make it an easy trip. That’s why Baby Trend offers you Baby Trend Expedition Jogger Stroller with a full convenience package for better use and guaranteed comfort.

As baby trend expedition has forward and parent facing features, the psychologist Nancy Kalish supports the parent facing and wrote in Psychology Today:

New research on front-facing strollers suggests that it’s better for development to have babies face the parents who are walking with them — just like those old, slow baby carriages, buggies and prams, with a child tucked inside staring at mom, riding backwards.”  

Multi-position reclining padded seat, 5-point safety harness, durable tether, large adjustable canopy, storage basket, Footrest reflectors provide greater low-light visibility, lightweight rugged steel frame construction. Large bicycle tires, and accepts the infant’s car seat. convenient child and parent trays with 2 cup holders, covered storage compartment, wide ergonomic rubber handle
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To get more enlightened of the convenient features, Click here for watching a detailed video.

6- Baby Trend Expedition has a Sporty & Sleek Look

Baby Trend doesn’t only care for the utility, the stroller’s look is much considerable. For instance, it is distributing that you pay for a workable stroller but it looks unfashionable.

As a piece of advice for parents, try to take all the stroller’s features into your account and how it looks like is as important as its function and utility.

For this end, baby trend expedition consistently combines the two basic features; the practical function and the sleek durable style at the same stroller.

Easily folding, accepts infant car seat, locks for jogging, quick-release rear bicycle, and reclining padded seat. Gender-neutral, sporty and sleek style, premium padding, adjustable seatback, a durable frame, top-quality fabrics, rubber grip handle
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To put it concisely, baby trend expedition is made for all users, at all times, and in various situations. By reviewing the above-detailed features, we expect you to be forming a full idea about baby trend expedition strollers and then wisely choose the best appropriate one.

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