8 Features to Review in the Car Seat Stroller Combo 2020

8 Features to Review in the Car Seat Stroller Combo 2020

August 11, 2020, by Haneen Ryash

While strollers are manufactured to be a safe home for babies in and out
of the home, car seat stroller combo specifically designed to be a safe
ordinary stroller, bassinet mode, and a car seat on the go. How?
Most car seat strollers combo have a car seat that can be attached to the
stroller and then removed to be installed in the car. Others use the same
stroller seat as a car seat; it’s also removed from the stroller and
installed in the car.

Through this article, you will figure out the essential features to examine
when buying a car seat stroller combo and the top five strollers’ choices.

In this article:

  1. What is the first feature that you have to ensure?
  2. Other modes you can benefit from.
  3. How easy is it to use?
  4. Are you interested in the stroller’s weight?
  5. How durable is it to remain valid?
  6. The relationship between the fabric and the convenience.
  7. Do you carry heavy items on the go?
  8. If you will use it in the street, this one is for you.
  9. Top 5 car seat strollers combo.

1. Safety & Security


As car seat stroller combo is meant to function both stroller and a car
seat, it guarantees you both safety and security for a safe strolling and a
secure drive.

Stroller Safety

Seeing that caregiver parents are deciding to get a car seat stroller
combo, it would, therefore, be necessary to get a stroller with safety
harness features and compatible with Federal and ASTM safety
standards. Here’s what you need to know about stroller safety:

First, you need to check the 5-points harness seat belt that has five
straps: waist belts, between legs, and shoulder straps all are connected together. The same emphasis to the handlebar, it supposed to be
adjustable and padded for parents convenient and available for a baby
to handle while setting.

Second, for a safe movement, it’s preferable to have forward-facing
wheels if you live or use it in an area that has a wide space in parking
and stores. If not, the swivel front wheel is a good choice for running and
strolling in narrow paths. Equally essential to make sure that the stroller
enjoys user-friendly brakes so you can activate and stop the stroller
safely when needed. According to the healthy children org., “A brake
that locks two wheels provides an extra measure of safety.

Car Seat Safety

Not only strollers; car seats also should be compatible with Federal and
ASTM safety standards to keep the baby safe on the drive all the way. To
ensure the car seat secure, check the below steps:

First, it is necessary to review the manufacturer’s instruction and the
expiry date labeled below the car seat. Then, try to place the seat in the
center- back seat to secure your baby from sudden hits and crash’s

Second, when it’s time to install the seat in the car, remember that you
have either to use the lower anchors or a seat belt, only one. When
dealing with the seat direction, keep in mind to direct infants until one
year old in the rear-facing direction. As for older babies, try to use the
rear-facing direction as long as their body-size allows. Otherwise, you
will be able to switch to the forward-facing direction.

Mayo Clinic Staff always advises “Make sure the lap belt lies low across your child’s hips and pelvis and that the shoulder belt crosses the middle of your child’s chest and shoulder.”

Read more from the United States Department of Transportation: Car
Seat Installation Tips

2. Bassinet Mode

Car seat stroller combo supports the ability to fully recline the seat to
turn into a bassinet mode, so you can easily stroll while the baby is
conveniently taking the nap. Furthermore, you are guaranteed to find a
horizontally balanced bassinet with either forward-facing or parent-
facing direction.

You might be interested in Short naps got you down?

3. Car Seat Stroller Combo Foldability

According to a survey conducted by Kelton in 2013, “48 Percent of
Parents Seek Strollers with Easy Open & Fold,”. Which is considerably an
exigent reason to improve a compact stroller frame to ease its
foldability. Car seat stroller combo designed with a compact framing
operates with a locking mechanism that allows parents to easily fold the
stroller in a size fits the storage space.

You should also read Graco foldability steps: FastAction Fold Stroller by

4. Car Seat Stroller Combo Weight

Customers and the most trusted brands agree that the car seat stroller
combo has a light-weighted frame that makes it easy to handle and
assemble. But keep in mind that not all lightweight strollers designed
equally, you can find a lightweight stroller with only basic features and
meanwhile, there are improved lightweight strollers provide premium
features for all situations and paths.

Craig Baird in his book I’m Going to Be a Dad says about car seat stroller
combo: “This is like a carriage combo, but it weighs about 20 to 50
bounds, which is considerably less than what the carriage combo weighs.
They also maneuver well. However, the stroller has a seat instead of a
bed for the baby to lie down in, making it useful for babies over the age
of three months.

5. Car Seat Stroller Combo Durability

As it customary, parents normally search for a durable and sturdy
stroller frame, which is a required demand in all strollers’ types. That’s
why car seat stroller combo is supported by a high-quality frame that
can last until your baby outgrows. It’s recommended to ensure that the
stroller is made from the Aluminum metal; it’s your perfect solution
when you ask for a lightweight and durable stroller at the same time.

6. Car Seat Stroller Combo Fabric

Babies have the need to be conveniently sitting in the stroller, it’s not
only about the frame but it’s also about the fabric. Stroller’s fabric
includes the cover of the handles and wheels, the seat cloths, and the
hood. Car seat stroller combo offers parents a sturdy frame that’s
covered with a high-quality fabric tightly attached to the assembled

7. Car Seat Stroller Combo Storage

As car seat stroller combo is found to be available at all times, it’s
equipped to accommodate babies and parents storage items. In most
cases, car seat stroller combo has two main generous storage baskets;
one at the bottom for the large or heavy items and one in the top-back
for the lightweight items. Additionally, trays and cup-holders are also
available for parents and babies convenient.

8. Car Seat Stroller Combo Canopy

Wouldn’t it be peaceful when having your baby secured under the
unstable weather conditions? Actually, this is what the canopies do. Car
seat stroller combo offers a fully adjustable canopy that moves easily as
per your need. Remember that you are the controller, so try to locate
the canopy to the most needed direction since you can’t make it Omni-
directional at the same time.

This is how to assemble the stroller’s canopy: Assembly sun canopy

Top 5 Car Seat Strollers Combo

After such long recommendations and reviews, car seat stroller combo is a perfect solution that can handle diverse situations at all times. Bear in mind to determine the need of the stroller and then choose from the above top five upon your own conditions.

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