Age-Range Strategy | 4 Steps Explain at What Age a Baby Can Sit in the Stroller.

Age-Range Strategy | 4 Steps Explain at What Age a Baby Can Sit in the Stroller.

May 21, 2020 by Haneen Ryash

Have you ever asked experts to guide you at what age the baby can sit in the stroller? As parents, certainly, you are wondering when to start using strollers and when to stop your child to sit in a stroller. Lately, I’ve met a number of parents who asked the same and they all ended up following the Age-Range Strategy to determine the baby’s age, needs, and solutions. Due to the strategy’s effective results and to raise parents’ awareness regarding the exact age of using or stopping the stroller, this article has been written

At What Age Can a Baby Sit in the Stroller?

Simply all babies and toddlers can sit in a stroller, but it’s all related to baby’s age; for instance, infants aren’t able to sit but they can recline which means that the ideal infants’ stroller features are different from the toddlers’ stroller. Jennifer Saxton, the founder of the Tot Squad, reported that “Parents that are looking for one perfect stroller are not going to find it because you need different things on different occasions.”

 Age-Range Strategy is a well-structured strategy that guides parents at what age the baby can sit in the stroller and then to select the ideal one for according to their age and needs. The strategy is divided into four steps starting from infancy until reaching the toddlerhood with illustrating the main issues and best solutions for each step.

At What Age Can a Baby Sit in the Stroller?

1- Infants couldn’t hold their heads up when they sit in a stroller.

   Infants (from birth until six months) require utmost care including but not limited to transitions and movements. Infants’ body looks fragile and their muscles are mostly weak and laid-back, especially the head; they even couldn’t hold it up. When it comes to strollers; infants couldn’t sit in a stroller but they could recline in a fully-reclined stroller so they can easily and securely recline on their back and keeping his head secured from falling aside. Another point, infants’ strollers should hold the baby’s car seat to ensure a safe and convenient nap during car and stroller transitions.


Mayo Clinic Staff Says:
If you plan to use a stroller for your newborn, make sure that the stroller reclines — since newborns can’t sit up or hold up their heads.”

Now you can assure that it’s an age in which the baby can sit in the stroller, but you shall be asking yourself “which stroller is better for my infant?’’. The answer is the Travel System Strollers. Travel System is a multi-functional stroller that succeeds to combine all infants’ needs; infant car seat, separate stroller, and a car seat base as they’re a full package. Moreover, some lifestyles require reusing it later on when the infant gets older and turns a 3-years-old child.

Noting that umbrella stroller and jogging ones are not suitable for infants.
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2. (6 – 12 months) babies start moving randomly when they sit in a stroller

Babies between 6 and 12 months finally become movable here and there and start sitting independently. They also become curious and start realizing the environment around them. Now you can guess that your baby can sit in a stroller, but due to their milestones’ development, safety is the primary need in this stage.


According to Parenting Counts Organization, “Between 6 and 12 months, babies reach many important milestones. Most can sit without support and eventually become mobile, from rolling over and creeping on the floor to crawling and cruising and possibly walking.”. In this age, babies can hold up their heads, use their hands for support, and reach things around them. This requires a stroller supported with five points of safety-harness feature to ensure safety, highly manufactured break to easily operate, and converts from a stroller to a bassinet to suit babies’ positions.

With so many choices around you in the market, we suggest you the below ideal strollers for infants (birth – 6 months) and (6-12 months) if your budget isn’t enough to buy two:

3- (1 2 years) babies are hyperactive, is it a safe age for a baby to sit in the stroller?

Finally your baby is turning one year old and he is a toddler! Now parents are in a critical stage because toddlers are aware enough to shift between walking and riding. Moreover, they are also able to jump and climb at a glance, hold anything around, and move without mother’s support. Accordingly, a one-year-old baby can sit in a stroller and can jump or run away if he doesn’t like it. In this stage we focus on security to save him from his random movements, so that parents should focus on the stroller features and components.


Therefore, “how can your baby securely sit in a stroller” shall be your primary goal, but how? Experts always advise to consider your toddler’s needs depending on your lifestyle and activities to exactly determine the stroller type; however, there are general features that you should look for. Toddlers’ strollers should be easy to maneuver and lightweight like umbrella strollers. All-terrain wheels suit different walks and hiking activities like jogging strollers. And large storage-basket that carries all your belongings as full-size strollers.

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4- (2 – 5 years) is also an age in which the baby can sit in the stroller

Once your child reaches three years old, he is old enough to walk, run, climb, bend without the need of a stroller. But, he isn’t old enough to walk long distances, pass rough roads, and go shopping with you all day. Thus, there might be exceptional cases that require you to keep a stroller as a spare one for such situations.


 Dr. Jen Trachtenberg, the founder of Pediatrician In Your Pocket says:
Ultimately, there’s really no specific age that’s too old for a stroller since it depends on a number of factors, including where you are at the moment, where you live, how long you’ll be out and your child’s temperament,”.

When thinking of having a stroller for this age, remember that you search for convenience and it is meant for hard times, so that your child should sit in a stroller with a comfort upgrades that make him feel relaxed no matter what you are doing around. Furthermore, take into consideration that the child may need a nap, so the stroller should be adjustable to suit the sleeping mood. As for the main stroller’s features, you should look for all-terrain wheels, quickly folding since you don’t need it all the time, and a reclining seat. 

If you have a 3-in-1 Travel System Stroller, check the required features since it mostly holds an infant car-seat and older child upgrades.

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After all, your baby can sit in a stroller from infancy until toddlerhood according to the baby’s age, stroller’s needs, parents’ lifestyle, and the child’s preferences. The key isn’t to buy one stroller for all life-stages as a way of money-saving; it is better to save your child safety, security, and convenience before. Age-Range Strategy grows with babies age-by-age to guarantee them the best stroller choice at every stage. Now, it is better to identify your baby’s age and needs by applying the Age-Range Strategy to wisely select the ideal baby’s stroller to sit in.