How to Choose the Right Baby Stroller in 2020

How to Choose the Right Baby Stroller in 2020

For most parents, deciding on how to choose the right baby stroller to acquire for their toddler is often a tough endeavor, considering that not many of them know exactly what works best. And although this equipment comes with plenty of benefits including enhancing baby safety and making it more convenient to carry the baby, it’s quite easy to miss out when the market is unfamiliar.

What’s more, when you don’t know what to look for in particular, you might end up purchasing the wrong gear that’s unbefitting to your lifestyle.

Without much ado, here’s all the information you need to assist you to choose the right baby stroller in 2020. We tell you the various types of strollers in the market, the exact features of strollers to wrap your eyes around, top considerations for regular users of baby strollers, and many other important buying tips.

But before proceeding, let’s first take a quick look at some background information about baby strollers.

  • The balance between parent convenience and the level of safety for the baby stroller is key.
    Lightweight strollers that are foldable and smaller in size are likely to lack useful features like immediate compatibility with car seats, more storage room, or all-terrain wheels.
  • Strollers have no particular cost as the price can fall anywhere between $20 and $1500. As such, you’re the one to decide how much you’re ready to spend on this equipment depending on your specific needs and budget.
  • A durable stroller is a gem for an entire generation. A stroller can cover hundreds of miles or break down before your infant even learns how to walk properly.
    Purchasing a quality stroller ensures that your family and generations benefit from it.

Types of Strollers

Whether you’re shopping for a stroller online or offline, there are five common types that you can choose from the right baby stroller including:

  • Travel Systems.
  • Double Strollers.
  • Jogging Strollers.
  • Umbrella Strollers.
  • Full-sized Strollers.
  • Car Seat Systems.

Travel System

This type of baby stroller allows you to transition easily and conveniently from the car to the stroller and vice versa. It comes with an inbuilt adapter that attaches to the frame of the stroller and the seat of the car to facilitate the quick switch between the two travel modes.
The only downside is that most of the travel systems can only accommodate a single child due to their compact design.

Double Stroller

If you got your bundle of joy in twos or have children who are almost of the same age, the double stroller is probably your best choice here.

Its design allows the carriage of two children at once, which is handy when you babysit mostly on your own. With it, you can carry the two babies side by side or at tandem (one baby sitting behind the other).
The only major shortcoming is that it is bulkier and heavier compared to other types of strollers.

Jogger Stroller

Are you a parent who often exercises but have a toddler to watch after? With the jogger stroller, you can walk or run while the baby rests comfortably and undisturbed.
So let us choose the right baby stroller for you.

Most models have large wheels that can handle pretty much any surface on the jogging trail. Moreover, they’re stable even at high speeds as the front wheel swivel can be locked to avoid a sway. All the same, the majority of jogger strollers are heavy and hardly fold flexibly.

Umbrella Stroller

The umbrella stroller is lightweight, foldable, and small in size to allow quick portability on busy yet narrow spaces. As such, these strollers are best suited for bus stops, airports, your house, or other locations with constricted spaces. The main disadvantage is that they’re tiny with few safety features to protect the baby.

Full-Sized Strollers

Although costlier than other types, a full-sized stroller serves your baby as long as he/she needs strolling. These models offer a combination of almost all the features the other strollers have.
In fact, this pram is the market’s favorite because of its remarkable durability, sturdiness, size, and versatility.

Even with all its benefits, it is criticized for its weight and bulkiness by parents living in fast-paced environments.

Car Seat Stroller

This type of stroller transforms into a car seat system for the baby in seconds. Usually, it’s designed for parents who spend the majority of the babysitting hours driving. It has a lightweight, smaller build and is an easy winner on car travel safety. The only downside is that it is not very durable as the baby outgrows the size pretty quickly.

Important features to look for when buying the best baby strollers.

Strollers come in many shapes and sizes and can, therefore, prove confusing when you’re a first time user. With the following features in mind, you can quickly assess and pick the baby stroller that perfectly suits your unique needs.


If you travel a lot or have many errands to take care of every day, foldability is a stroller feature you should be interested in to save time and space. It allows you to transport the stroller on one hand and your baby on the other on-demand.
Moreover, a foldable stroller reduces bulkiness, a key factor when you have limited storage space in your car or home.

What’s more, the best foldable baby strollers are capable of standing upright on their own. With that, you are able to free your hands when you need to stop for long durations. Interestingly, most models only require one hand to fold which further eases your handling of this equipment.

Handlebar Adjustability

When you’re not the only person that pushes your baby stroller, handlebar adjustability is golden. It allows your various baby caretakers to assume comfortable postures while pushing the stroller.

Some advanced baby carriages also come with height adjuster memory to help them recall your stroller’s most appropriate handlebar heights. So, any time you switch it on, it sets itself at that height for smoother drives.

Cleanable Fabric

Whether you use your stroller indoors or outdoors, you can be sure of one thing; that it will get messy or dusty occasionally. If the roads don’t dust the gear, then your baby will and we all know well that they’re very good at this.

When shopping for a stroller, therefore, it’s important to check out the kind of fabric it has. The seat, in particular, collects all kinds of mess from the baby including mouth spit, milk spills, and crumbles of snacks. The underneath of the stroller is also another area that gets dirty often because of its closeness to the ground.

Compared to other materials, polyester strollers are recommended as the fabric is easy to clean. Besides, it performs excellently on all weather conditions whether rainy or sunny.


Every stroller has a canopy which is a piece of clothing that provides shade for the baby from extreme weather conditions. Besides, it enhances privacy and allows for undisturbed naps.

When choosing a stroller, consider the one that has a flexible and expandable canopy. What this does is to control the amount of shade your baby gets as weather conditions change. In addition, ensure that it has a peekaboo window which controls access to the baby.
Modern models use magnet closure to seal the window, although any gear with a zipper will still work when noise is not an issue.

Newborn Seat

Surprisingly, not all strollers can hold a newborn baby comfortably. The thing is, newly born babies take about 6 months to learn how to hold still their heads. As a result, the head keeps slumping and can really be uncomfortable for the baby.

Newborn seats are capable of reclining to flat positions, thereby resting snugly both the body and the head of the baby. Often, you’ll find such seats on strollers with an infant travel system.

Accessory Space

When strolling your baby, you will, in most cases, be required to carry items that both of you need while on the move including refreshments, rain-covers, and toys. A stroller with an accessory space will prove to be handy as it allows you to carry these items comfortably and securely.

While shopping for a baby stroller, check out for the following accessory features:

  • Depth of cup holders in the parent tray.
    A deeper cup holder minimizes the spilling of refreshments and helps to keep the stroller clean for longer.
  • Size of the pockets.
    Pick a stroller with differently-sized pockets to hold firmly a wide range of items.
  • The number of pockets.
    With numerous pockets to place various on-the-go items, you can stroll for longer and remain stress-free.


Usually, the basket is constructed underneath the baby seat with the ability to hold a specified maximum weight. If you’re a parent who often likes to shop with the stroller, this feature can offer an extra place to hold your shopping bags.

Some of the key aspects of the stroller basket to consider include:

  • The size of the entrance to the basket.
    When you carry large items regularly, avoid a stroller with a narrow gap due to the risk of squeezing and damaging your stuff.
  • Weight capacity of the basket.
    Typical strollers hold between 10-15 pounds of weight in the basket depending on the fabric material.

Weight of the Stroller

The overall weight of a stroller is dependent on a number of factors including frame material, the type of fabric, and purpose. For example, jogger strollers are often heavier than umbrella strollers owing to their varying builds and function.

A good measure is to ensure that the benefits you’re getting from the stroller always prevail over the weight. Put otherwise, make sure that the weight doesn’t hinder the execution of the purpose for which you are purchasing the stroller.
For instance, if you often use stairs, go for a lightweight stroller to ease your load.

Parents’ Top Considerations when Buying Strollers


Babies are very delicate, which means their safety is paramount when purchasing strollers. So, how do you tell whether your choice is safe enough?

Here are some quick facts about safety once you decide to choose the right Baby Stroller :

  • Terrains you use regularly affect the safety levels of a stroller.
    Rough surfaces increase vibrations to the frame and the baby seat, which can injure the baby’s delicate body parts. Consider getting a stroller with suspensions and air-filled tires if you use coarse trails.
  • Not all strollers offer protection against side impacts.
    Most baby carriage systems are only safe from impacts coming from the back. Therefore, if you’re in an environment where the stroller can accidentally tip over, side impact protection is a must-have feature.
  • Braking improves your stroller’s safety by stopping it when needed.
    When strolling, you sometimes need to lift your hands off the handlebar. With a braking system, you can leave the stroller unattended and not worry about it driving away and risking the baby’s safety.
  • The toddler is safer on a stroller with a five-point harness.
    Its function is to guard the baby against leaving the stroller on sudden and forceful stops. Reliable models have the buckle of the harness away from toddler’s access to avoid tampering.


How long do you plan to use the baby stroller? Parents have varying needs as some will buy the equipment for newborns while others for older toddlers.

An important consideration here is the adaptability of the stroller to necessary additions as the child grows. Put otherwise, purchase a baby carriage system that supports valuable add-ons like a car seat, an extra seat for a second baby, or a standing system. Adaptability ensures that your stroller serves your babies longer and saves you money that you’d otherwise spend purchasing other baby gear separately.

Location of use

Where will you use the stroller most? The location of the use of the equipment influences the type of gear to buy so that it serves you conveniently.

For example, if you often traverse narrow pavements, you’ll need a stroller that folds quickly and is also lightweight. However, if you’re in a relaxed environment with little need to lift the pram, you can use big and bulky equipment that’s often adaptable.
Also, it’s easy to benefit from features like big wheels and powerful suspensions which improve your handling and baby comfort.

Function and Purpose

Are you purchasing the stroller for a newborn or a grown child? Are you babysitting one or several babies?

Strollers have varying designs that affect their capacities in delivering function and purpose. As such, it’s important to establish the purpose for which you intend to put the stroller. This ensures it plays its function exactly as you envisioned.

For example, a newborn will need a piece of equipment with a bassinet mode for proper back and headrest. On the other hand, a grown child will greatly benefit from a stroller with multiple reclining positions. Similarly, parents with multiple infants should consider gears with frames and wheels that can hold substantial weight.

Valuable Tips to Remember When Buying Strollers

Quality is King

Even when you want to choose the right baby stroller for the short term only, we highly recommend that you never compromise on the quality.

The benefits are plenty including:

  • The stroller can withstand tough conditions which is important for keeping your baby more protected.
  • The equipment gives you more years of service which is cost-friendly when you plan to have multiple children.
  • Quality strollers have extra features that otherwise cost more money when acquired separately.

Purchase a Double Stroller for Twins

If you are blessed with twins, it can be tedious trying to stroll each of them separately using different gears. Even with an extra driver, you want your babies to bond with each other as they grow. With options to sit the babies side by side or at tandem, a double stroller is a sure savior for monitoring your babies in a single glance.

Invest in Strollers with Handy Features

Babysitting is a demanding job especially when babies are learning to crawl. You need your eyes on them almost all the time to make sure they’re not engaging in cheeky, risky movements.

A stroller with handy features such as one-touch brakes, quick-action seat removal, buckle-on harness, and power steering can totally be a lifesaver.

Test Drive Baby Strollers Before Purchasing

Unless you’re purchasing baby strollers online, it’s crucial to first test drive your favorite gear before making that purchase. What this does is to allow you to pick equipment that’s appropriate for your body shape, baby size, skin texture, etc.

What if I’m buying it online?
Well, in such a case, use the specifications provided by the manufacturer like the maximum weight, recommended driver height, and baby size/height to decide properly.

Be Futuristic

Is your baby the last born or do you have plans to have others in the future? Just like you’re futuristic when purchasing a home, so should you be when buying a baby stroller.
If you plan to have more children later, consider a pram that’s durable, supports seat additions, and is sturdy enough to accommodate multiple babies.

What other factors do you consider when purchasing your best baby stroller?

We hope that this guide has offered information and guidelines that can help you choose the right baby stroller.

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